What to Expect

Your First Visit: A Pathway to Wellness

At The Chiropractic Experience, we believe in providing personalized care that empowers you to take control of your health. Dr. Mark Howarter is committed to understanding your body and creating a tailored pathway to a healthier future. Our approach involves a thorough examination, advanced scans, and x-rays, ensuring we gather comprehensive information to guide your chiropractic journey.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Examination – Gathering Vital Information:

Dr. Mark's First Priority

Dr. Mark’s first priority is to understand your body and its unique needs. Through a detailed examination, he will assess your current health status, identify potential issues, and gain valuable insights into your overall well-being.

Comprehensive Exam

Our team utilizes state-of-the-art technology to get a comprehensive view of your musculoskeletal system. Scans include:

These tools help us uncover underlying issues that may not be immediately apparent.

Setting Proper Expectations

We believe in transparency. During this initial visit, we will discuss the examination process and explain how it contributes to creating an effective and personalized care plan.

What to Expect on Your Second Visit

Report of Findings – Sharing Your Path to Wellness:

Careful Analysis

After careful analysis of the gathered information, Dr. Mark will present you with a detailed Report of Findings. This report serves as a roadmap for your future chiropractic care.

Recommendations for Care

Dr. Mark will provide you with recommendations tailored to your specific needs. These may include chiropractic adjustments, home care practices, stretches, exercises, and advice on ergonomic improvements for your home office.

What to Expect on Your Third Visit

Making Your Care a Reality:

Feasibility Assessment

We understand that implementing a care plan involves practical considerations. During your third visit, we’ll work with you to ensure that the recommended care is feasible for your lifestyle.

Payment Options and Scheduling

Our team will discuss payment options and create a schedule that aligns with your commitments. We aim to make your chiropractic care convenient and accessible.

Personalized Support

Personalized Support: Dr. Mark and our team are here to address any concerns and answer questions you may have about your care plan. We are dedicated to providing ongoing support as you embark on your journey to improved well-being.

Your Fourth Visit & Beyond

Moving Forward and Tracking Progress:

Services Provided

This is where the treatment comes in, we’ll use any combination of our services to provide care as needed for your condition, to help you reach the best quality of life possible!

Progress Evaluations

Throughout care, we will do progress evaluations to understand the subtle changes and progress being made through care. If necessary, we may periodically re-do scans to monitor progress and better understand how to fine tune your care.

Follow Up

If part of your care program includes “homework” for you in the form of stretches, exercises, or lifestyle changes, we will follow up with you throughout your care to see how that homework is going, and if you have any questions.

Our goal is for you to have the best quality of life possible, and we work WITH you to help you reach that goal!