Patient Reviews

The name of our practice, The Chiropractic Experience, sets the expectation right up front that people will experience a wide range of results with our care.

Of course people do get adjusted for headaches and back pain, but when families and patients with all sorts of backgrounds, interests, accident histories, athletic performance and overall lifestyles start receiving the healing touch of chiropractic care, the results are incredible and VERY diverse. Check out these reviews from our patients. We hope that it shows how much we love chiropractic
and LOVE serving people!

Dr. Mark is always wonderful. He is very friendly and really cares about his patients. His adjustments are quick and effective. Friendly staff and easy scheduling. I would highly recommend The Chiropractic Experience to anyone considering seeing a chiropractor.

Asha H.

Dr. Mark has been a blessing to me/for me for 10+ years and I highly recommend his service. Dr. Mark, I look upon him as the THE GRAND CHIROPRACTOR OF EMPATHY, He really cares for people’s issues in adjustments with using the Gift God has called him to do.

Ada H.

I arrived back from vacation with vertigo. Mark had me right as rain in minutes. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. He’s the only only person to ever stop my migraines and now this. Thank you Dr. Mark!

Jenn E.

Everyone who works here is incredibly nice. The doctor is quick and explains everything. The atmosphere is relaxing. I got my initial scans, and first adjustment and I already feel better. He actually shows you what is wrong and tell your how he’s treating it. I went from having twisted hips and one leg longer than the other, and being unable to turn my head to the left. I finished being able to walk with so much less pain and being able to turn my head. I am very impressed.

Taj M.

Not an ordinary chiropractor as Dr. Mark is extremely knowledgeable of the complete body structure and care needed aside from a typical alignment. Highly recommended for the best service and strong results. Thank you for always being there and always making patients care and health your highest priority. Name should be Health Specialist as the care and knowledge received is far beyond most prospective of a chiropractor. So thankful to have found Chiropractor Experience for it has changed my family’s health and life. Thank you!

Krystyna W.

Dr. Mark is amazing!! Have received chiropractic treatments for ten years in another state and was very uneasy about a different chiropractor. He has treated my problems more aggressively and I have achieved a much higher level of progress!!! I have been amazed and so very grateful!!! I highly recommend him and his assistant Michell!!!

Sondra D.

Dr. Mark is personable, knowledgeable, and detailed in his interactions. He treats each person and their situation individually, unlike other chiropractors who just do the same thing every visit. He doesn’t just treat symptoms but focuses on a lifestyle journey toward optimal health and wellness. If there were an option for a 6th star he’d get it from me!

Robby G.

As always, going to Dr. Mark is great! He is super kind and works very hard to give me relief from my pains. I have recommended him to all my friends!!

Sue S.

Great friendly staff. Knowledgeable and helpful. Would recommend this facility to anyone needing chiropractic services.

Terry S.
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