Our Approach

Our Approach to Wellness

At The Chiropractic Experience, we recognize first and foremost that our bodies are beautifully and wonderfully made (it might not always feel like it) and that we have an amazing natural ability to heal ourselves. A cut, scratch, bump or bruise heals with incredibly efficiency. We also understand the fundamental truth that our nervous system controls and regulates EVERY function of our bodies.

Our hearts, lungs, stomachs, and other organs are under direct control of the brain and nerves, AND these organs and other functions like healing are kept in check by the brain and nerves.

So, when you look back over your life and recall some of the traumas, slips and falls, sports injuries, childhood accidents, birth process and stresses that you’ve experienced, it should come as no surprise that your healing mechanism (controlled through the nervous system) can also get out of balance. This stress builds up over time and many times won’t even turn into symptoms for years down the road.

So the million dollar question that needs to be answered is…

Why hasn’t YOUR body just healed itself on its own? Why didn’t YOUR pain and/or problem just go away on its own?

This is a powerful question to consider. Because, unless the cause of the LACK of healing is actually addressed, the unfortunate result is that you might not get better or improve at the rate you would prefer.

So, our approach at The Chiropractic Experience is simple…to determine the cause of the apparent lack of healing in your body and address this together as a team. Our job is to discover more about you and your lifestyle, the stresses that you’ve accumulated both in your nervous system, muscles and in the structure of your body, and to make appropriate recommendations about how make a fundamental change.

We accomplish this through a detailed consultation and exam, x-rays to determine structural damage and/or misalignment, digital foot scans to understand arch structure and support and the Insight™ nervous system assessment to understand the neurological impact on all of your muscles and organ systems. Once this information is gathered, we’ll make appropriate recommendations for chiropractic care.

In addition to your care in the office, we’ll make some specific lifestyle recommendations to encourage the quickest and most complete recovery, and ultimate movement toward thriving wellness! We take a detailed look at your lifestyle in order to understand how you live, and how your body is affected by your lifestyle decisions. Home care recommendations come in the form of specific stretches, exercises, work postures, structural supports, nutrition, proper biomechanics for sports and sleep positions.

We take pride in addressing you as a WHOLE person and the results are outstanding both now, and in the future.

In review, there are 4 things you need to know in order to understand our healing approach:
  1. Our bodies were designed with an incredible natural healing mechanism
  2. Our brain and nerves (nervous system) control and regulate every function of our bodies, including our natural healing mechanism
  3. Traumas and lifestyle stress impair our natural healing mechanism by interfering with normal nerve function
  4. Chiropractic restores the natural healing mechanism of the body by encouraging normal nerve function.